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Karen Ringer
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Ok ok I know what the title says and ur wondering why I gave it 5 stars when the title is a sad face. The only reason for that is myself. So I had been playing with the slime for about a month. I think I had kept it in not a great spot so it deactivated a lot. So I was trying to was it off and when I got it all off I grabbed the borax it was sent with and started putting a little in at a time. It looked like I hadn’t put enough because the slime was still sticky, turns out I just hadn’t mixed it in enough. So in the end the slime became unable to stretch and the little beads fell out everywhere. Like I said this is on me and I had nothing to do with the brand or even the slime itself. While it was still a slime it was a great one
RIP: mango sticky rice slime

Allison Solare

I really like this slime! Makes really nice bubble pops and was very fun to assemble!

Best slime

Smells amazing, inflates perfectly, sizzles, pops, and crunches. Love this slime!!

Carolyn Siets
Best slime I own

I absolutely love the Mango Sticky Rice I purchased. It smells delicious, it inflates perfectly, it sizzles, and it pops. The only thing I would critique it on would me the charms. I didn’t understand the leaves as charms. Other than that it’s my favorite slime.

Marina Bojaj
Not for me but others were amazing

Don’t buy this one if you just poke it beads come out and it was sticky and activator did not work. Very bad service were mean to me on emails other slimes for amazing it just got this one was not very good.