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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Nancy Nguyen
      Absolutely loved it!!

      Everything was perfect from the packaging to the slime! The little bunny dangos were so fun to play with too. Will def be buying again!!

      Alex Monzo

      Bunny Dango

      Tabatha Young
      Bunny dango

      Cute little bunny getting buried in dango. It has so many sprinkles that it covered the top. Came with a clear syrup that was a bit easy to rip but got it on there.

      The scent is very strong. My husband doesn't have the best sense of smell but he didn't seem to like any of the scents we got. It stuck to our hands after playing with them. This one made my husband have to walk away from it for a moment.

      This one stretches really nicely and it was fun to watch the streaks of color as I pulled. Though it was difficult to get back into its case as now not all of it would fit. Wish I had bought an extra case as I had no idea this needed it.