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Glenda Lentz
Awesome Thick And Glossy!

This is the first time ordering from Boba Bao and I was not disappointed. This was one of the best thick and glossy slimes I have ever tried and the scent was amazing as well. So glad I gave them a try.

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Eve Bolin
Fun to play with

Was very fun to play with, it smells like an apple pie I made recently, so while the other reviewers have mentioned the scent, I hope this gives a better description for those that want to buy it.

Love the scent, but kinda stiff.

I think this slime smells more fruity then pumpkin but I absolutely love the scent at this point. However the only thing is, it's over activated to the point where I cannot stretch it or play with it well. It's been about a month since I received. I'm sure it will sooner then later finally break down a bit to be more playable. Until then I just poke at it.

It was OK

Lovely slime texture and amount. I enjoy the addons. The smell however... doesn't read "pumpkin cinnamon bread". My brother says it smells tropical. I think its a bit more pastry smelling than that, but it's got a strange sharpness to it I'm not particularly fond of. I definitely get the "bread" bit as an undertone maybe, but the pumpkin and cinnamon is lost. Wish I'd gotten something else tbh. Sorry for the 3 stars as everything else was up to par. But its hard to enjoy something you dislike the smell of. I'll probably hand it off to a friend.